As POPS HOME BREW we deal with all the major suppliers and manufactures in the home industry, we are able to order any of the hundreds of different beer or wine kits which are available. Space in the shop is always my biggest issue and limits the amount of different products we can physically stock but with weekly deliveries getting what you want is never a problem.


Foresters Arms Ales

New American beers from Young's



St Peter's

Muntons Premium Gold

Muntons Connoisseur

Hambleton Bard Dry Kits

John Bull


Harvest beers

Tom Caxton


We may not stock the whole range of the beers in the list above and there are many others beer kit ranges on the market which we will be more than happy to order in for you.


Cider Kits

On the Rocks


New Bulldog Brews Ciders

Over the years cider kits have changed, as the commercial market changed so did the home brew market. We no longer just do dry or sweet but apple, pear and many different fruit ciders as well.  

Wine Kits

Vintner's Reserve

Vintners World Vineyard

Beaverdale Wines in 1gallon and 5gallon

Solomon Grundy Platinum, Gold and Standard


Cellar 7

The wine kits above are in stock but please phone to make sure we have your favourite style wine in stock if you are coming any distance. 

The wines below are just a few of the popular ranges we can order in for you.

California Connoisseur

KenRidge Classic

KenRidge Showcase


Selection International with grape skins

Selection Eclipse   


We also carry the STILL SPIRITS range of products for making spirits and liqueurs.


If you want to make your wine from hedgerow ingredients we have a full range of chemicals (yeast, nutrients, tannin) to help you to ferment it and clear it. 

We import only the top quality corks direct from Portugal.

For the beer maker who wants to try and master the art of designing their own beers we have over 15 different malt extracts and grains in stock, and over 30 different hops in stock along with 10 types of beer yeast to try out. 

We also have all the equipment you will need to start up this fantastic hobby with all the help and advice you will need.